Project 8

Colour 4

blue mixed with white





Colour 5

blue mixed with black


Registration although not perfect was much improved using the template

All were printed on a manglepress

I printed two using this darker blue.  I am considering printing another with a mid blue replacing the darker blue and recutting to introduce a final darker blue for more definition and  recutting some areas to reduce the dark blue seepage on arms and some background areas

Part 3

Project 8

Reduction method linocutting

imagechose  Keith’s Vaughan image as my subject



I traced the image onto tracing paper using sharpie black marker and coloured in using acrylic paint.  I attached this to my studio window which acts as a light box and leave it there for reference while I work   I decided on a colour scheme of transparent yellow ochre, yellow ochre, light blue and dark blue






I transferred the image to the Lino using carbon paper and coloured in with acrylic paint




Made using mount board with hole cut in centre to take lino

I cut 10 sheets of cartridge paper marking one corner with a pencil cross to ensure the paper wast the correct was up in the  cardboard corners

I bought such ink water base Lino printing inks plus extender   I am hoping th extender will produce a transparency for the first layover of colour   This is a new thing for me

I cut away all the areas I had coloured white on the Lino   I Am using canvas backed Lino for this project   I have previously used easy cut   I find this Lino more responsive to my cutting and I can control the marks without the tool going out of control or maybe I am just improving my technique?

I mix yellow ochre and white ink and mix with 50 50 extender for the first ink run

tne weather was warm and I needed to add washing up liquid to ease rolling and prevent drying out of ink


lino resisted the ink initially    Was this because I had used acrylic paint to colour areas or should I have used wire wool to scratch the surface?  Persevered with print run using mangle press













Project 7 multiblock Lino print

After several sketches settled on figure for the subject of the multi block

Thought this would be a simpler Design for a first attempt.  Produced three blocks.  Cutting was clumsy.  Third block was recut since I had too many clumsy cuts

now deciding on colour combination.  Have done several test runs …..


Attended a workshop given by Minette Dogilewski a bookbinder printer whose work I

admire. The main part of the day was spent printing leaves – we were at a botanic
garden. This alone did not excite me but led to experimenting and collage
incorpoating a book I had made


Later in the studio at home I painted a gourd I had for a still life subject with printing ink and wrapped it in tissue paper to see how it printed


Project 6



A landscape Linocut.  Still making changes.

Not happy with bushes in front of tree line to left of print.   Sketched a few ideas


Not wanting to waste ink on slab experimented with printing a sample sheet on a sheet of peel off labels with the idea of peeling off labels and rearranging when ink is dry.  Will also do a sheet with different coloured ink.  Maybe combine both images when labels are peeled off and rearrangedimage



Also experimented with using water soluble neo crayons on Lino block and printing in different colours.  Might be useful for working out colour layers in future multi colour blocks?




Project 6

Single colour linocut


Drawings for a first single cut Lino print

The initial drawing was altered several times


Several proofs were taken as work progressed.  Ink is still a problem.  The soft Cut Lino resisted the black water based ink I was using.  I scrubbed it with washing up liquid and sanded lightly.  Some improvement but not much. The blue paper is sugar paper.  The blue print in dome with a blue water based ink of a different manufacture and worked better.

There is room for Improvement with the printing technique.  Ink is not transferring evenly.  I used a brayer and a  wooden spoon followed by a small plastic spoon for fine detail.  I need to spend more time with this


I cropped the original Linocut which I think improves the composition.  There is a lack of fine line in this print.  I add some detergent to the black ink but it is still not inking well on the lino

Two prints.   The one on the left is on wrapping paper the right is cartridge